Freitag, 1. Oktober 2010

Weirdo Folk Noize

Misophone - Been In The Storm
James Taylor & Carly Simon - Close Your Eyes 
Joni Mitchel – California
Dan Fogelberg - Wishing on the Moon
A Cuckoo - Over the Moon
Wood's Family Creeps - Sleep Sleep Sleep
The Broken West - Auctioneer
The Knife - Entertainment for the Braindead
Radiohead - Knives Out
Linda Rodstand & Johnny cash - I Will Never Marry
At the Drive in - Lopsided
Modest Mouse - Broke
The Smith - Panic
Cub Country - Could it be the Moon
Wolfgang Riechmann - Wunderbar
DM Stith - Isaac`s Song
Regina Spector - That Time

Dienstag, 16. Februar 2010

I Have A New Blog

It's in German, totally worth reading it and extraordinary fun being a part of it.
Love to meet you there

Marvelous poem from Kurt Tucholsky

Kurt Tucholsky (1890 - 1935) was a German writer and journalist. He was one of the most famous writers for the Weimarer Republik, his political view was clearly lefty and he was warning against the National Socialism.

Kurt Tucholsky's  poem "Aus" is about breaking up with someone and not being the same person after that. There's always a part of the other one in you. I think this poem may make you feel better after breaking up, maybe ;-)
Sorry, English readers, it's in German.


Einmal müssen zwei auseinandergehn; 

einmal will einer den andern nicht mehr verstehn
einmal gabelt sich jeder Weg 

und jeder geht allein -
wer ist daran schuld?

Es gibt keine Schuld. 

Es gibt nur den Ablauf der Zeit.
Solche Straßen schneiden sich in der Unendlichkeit.Jedes trägt den andern mit sich herum
etwas bleibt immer zurück.

Einmal hat es euch zusammengespült, 

ihr habt euch erhitzt, seid zusammengeschmolzen und dann erkühlt  Ihr wart euer Kind. Jede Hälfte sinkt nun herab -
ein neuer Mensch.

Jeder geht seinem kleinen Schicksal zu.
Leben ist Wandlung. Jedes Ich sucht ein Du. Jeder sucht seine Zukunft. Und geht mit stockendem Fuß,

vorwärtsgerissen vom Willen, ohne Erklärung und ohne Gruß
in ein fernes Land.

(Kurt Tucholsky, 1930)

animated film noir

No fear of the dark.

Samstag, 13. Februar 2010

Ruven Afandor - the master of puppetlook

Working in a dark room and be quiet about his fame is part of the charakter of the leading fashion and celebrity photographer Ruven Afandor. In the 2000, he won the coveted Trophee de la Mode award for Best Photographer.His Columbian roots are in his book "Torero" - Matadors of Columbia, Mexico, Peru and Spain. He received a great deal of praise for this work, especially for the physicalness of the matators, but without any stereotype macho-elegance. His Photos are full of phantasie and sureal situations. The garments in the picture are looking real and the same time so far away.  In the model veins and arteries is no blood, she looks like a window mannequin. This is the point where Ruven Afanador has this scary attitude in his work.
It's hard to find any information about him.
So I'l let his work talk for him.

Donnerstag, 11. Februar 2010

Alexander Mc Queen died

The fashion-world lost one of his most talented and creative designers and personalities.
Alexander Mc Queens is dead.
He loved to polarize, to shock and the drama.
Weirdness, darkness, sience-fiction, nature and an architectural spirtit,
the dark side of life, the evil part in every persons character and the romance of love and death was in every collection he made.

I'm sure the fashionsblogs are full of retrospective about his designings.
I want to show another piece of his work.
He was the director for two beautiful Björk videos.
He created the piercing - dress for björk in the Pagan Peotry clip.
By the way, such a beautiful song.
He also did stuff for Lady Gaga. the Bad Romance video is full of his masterpieces.

One again, greetings to the afterworld and Alex, say hello to Eric Rohmer, you both could get along pretty well i guess. waiting for a new project in the near future. let me know.

Sonntag, 7. Februar 2010

Exorcism - is Satan in my pair of black Jeans?

The Exorcism of... a short film by AntiSweden
Music: "Jewled Turtle" by GUAPO

Advertisement for Anti-Schweden
Music: Sunn O)))- O)))BOW1", mixed by Masami Akita / Merzbow
Art Direction: Anti ved Kjetil Wold / Fredrik Melby
Directions: Martin og Jakob / Marius Tharaldsen
Animation: Storm Studio / Martin Engh & Jakob Thommesen
Clip: Motionblur

How much black is in a dark pair of Jeans? Ask Anti-Sweden.
This Norwegian based Label shows a new look for Black Metal. Black is not black, if black is a color, so Anti-Schweden put their effort in the darkness of nature and music.

The doom Project Sunn O))) created the wall of sound for this Ad. This Advertisement is minimal, but the Jeans becomes a mystical, scary piece of cloth.
Transformation into emotion, but not happiness and Sunshine, DARKNESS and FEAR is the world of Anti-Schweden.

I am blown away by this label. I though i must be the only freak who likes doom, metal and weird dark music in perfection with fashion.

Montag, 25. Januar 2010

The Exile of Satan from Heavy Metal Design

a friend send me this link, and it's to good for rotting alone at my computer. It has to be spread out into the world.
So check out this article.
The Exile of Satan from Heavy Metal Design

Sonntag, 24. Januar 2010

Broken Things

Today is the day - Broken Promises and Dead Dreams
The Broken West - Terror of Two
Bear vs Shark - Broken Dog Leg
Anne Clark - Self Destruct
Radiohead - Knives out
At the Drive in - Lopsided
Modest Mouse - Broke
Atari Teenage Riot - Destroy 2000 Years of Culture
The Smith - Panic
Wipers -Doom Town
Misophone - You can't Break a broken heart
Ladytron - Destroy Everything you touch
Converge - The Broken Vow
Iron & Wine and Calexico - Burn that Broken Bed
D.A.F - Alle Gegen Alle
Dwayne Sodahberk - Knife Aboard
The Rapture - Killing
City and Color - Like Knifes
M.I.A. - One for the Head
Boxhamsters - Morgen Scheißegal
Russian Circles- Hexed All
At the Gates - Into the Dead Sky
Municipal Waste - Set to destroy
Neurosis - A chronology of Survival

Samstag, 23. Januar 2010

Herr Eric Rohmer

Herr ERic Romer, your Movies are so great, thank you for showing me your world and greetings to the afterworld. yours Suziecide

Takin' a Trip with you to the Moon and back!

Goldfrapp - Caravan Girl
The Knife - We Share our Mothers Health
Billy Holiday - Blue Moon
Body Lotion & Bloody Hands - Wolfbitten Babies
joni mitchel - California
james taylor - You can close your eyes
16 Horsepower - Bad Moon Risin'
Patrick Wolf - Enchanted
Song Ohia: - Ghost Tropic
Dan Fogelberg - Wishing on the Moon
The Cardigans - And then you kissed me
DM Stith - Thanksgiving Moon
Moneen - Believe
Turner - My Aeroplane Mania
A cuckoo - Over the Moon
Wood's Family Creeps - End to End
Cub Country - Could it be the Moon
Samian - Sunshine
Trip Fontaine - Moon Ballon
Empire of the Sun - Walking on a Dream
The Get up Kids - Campfire Kansas
City and Color - Comin' Home
Soko - Take my heart
Feist - My Moon My Man (BoysNoizeRemix)

Freitag, 22. Januar 2010

Tom Fords first Movie

A single Man. The Movie has this depressive, melancholic atmosphere, with strong characters and thankfully no happy end. surrounded by a 60's cocoon out of expensive, clear and cool furniture, the loneliness is so oppressive. You will see that Tom Ford has an eye for good cloth. worth seeing it.

Mittwoch, 2. Dezember 2009

Music for your Funeral

WINTERGARTEN are truly from the heart of a dark storm spit out on the top of a mountain. You'll hear the bavarian roots. The lyrics are dialectical, but they have their own tone, just like Sigur Ros talks to Bauhaus.
Wintergarten created a dark side of Folk and New Wave with weird Industrial infuences. Very special and rare, totally unique and even if you don't understand the bavarian dialect, you'll get the mood and the smirk.
mia san miad

Montag, 30. November 2009

Creator of Chaos

Kazimir Severinovich Malevich (1878–1935)was a Russian painter and art theoretician of Polish descent, pioneer of geometric abstract art and the originator of the Avant-garde Suprematist movement.Famous examples of his Suprematist works include Black Square (1915) and White on White (1918).
Malevich responded that art can advance and develop for art's sake alone, regardless of its pleasure: art does not need us, and it never needed us since stars first shone in the sky.
See, the compression of every color brings out Blackness!Its the beginning and the end!
Kazimir Severinovich Malevich
Black Square, 1913, St. Petersburg

DArkness Everywhere!

Have you noticed that the darkness surrounds you everywhere lately. Even H&M bags bring the dark mood into the city. It's a black and white bag showing a fallen apart wood without any leaves.
This movie 2012 is creating a weird panic.
Fashion designers are in love with dark fantasies of lonely fighters wearing black leather. Trying to defense yourself from this fast world without any clear rules.
A lonely melancholic fight!

Darkness i tell you something, i like you, you make me sensitive

Dienstag, 17. November 2009

Been in the Storm and landed in Sweden!

What a nice Label.

Fashion Show Akademie JAK

Fashion Show Akademie JAK 14.11.09 from on Vimeo.

Fashion Show at Akademie JAK in Hamburg 14.11.09
This Show was titeled "RushHour" and i liked the shape of the runway. It was really crowed for a University Fashion Show.
The Models were doing a good job, i mean they were not professionals at all.
I liked 4 -5 Collections the most. The rest was good too, but of course you'll have favorites.

So the next Show is happening in April 2010, and guess what... my own collection is running then.

New Haircut


Black'n'White at Home

Black'n'White Home impression from on Vimeo.

A short impression of my living room, covered in black and white!

Donnerstag, 5. November 2009

The Fathomless of Death



Lately Around My Apartment

In my room! Before i go outside to shoot some pics of my streets, i need to put my camera in my purse.

This is me trying to do a selfshoot!

Just got outside of my apartment and i saw this little note for my neighbour from last night, i guess.

Short letter
I found this around my neighbourhood. I was thinking: I'm pretty happy to have stefan, the neighbour who likes to drink at egalbar. He seems to be a funny person.
But this Anne- K who wrote this letter, uhhhhhh i don't want her to live next to me. she's already pissed just because of using a vibration alarm at your mobile. wow, she must be really stressed out all the time.


Mittwoch, 4. November 2009

Have a nice walk on a sunday

Autumn outside walking makes me happy-depressive.
Fresh air and one million couples give you a weird feeling. Am i the only person who's going outside alone on a sunday?

so you whatever-happy-huging-kissing-have-a-nice-talk couples have a nice sunday, but stay at home and don't give me the feeling of beeing lonley.
Yes, I'm a sunday-walk-alone-nazi, and i don't care.
Maybe my point of view will change someday, but for now stay at home couples!

outside walking 01.11.09 from suzie hochmann on Vimeo.

Dienstag, 3. November 2009


Alec Empire in Hamburg 22.10.09

i would say the gig was nice, but not the best show i've seen from that guy!I've seen a show couple years ago, he was cutting his arm with a broken bottle. that was really mental. I was wondering, if he's doing that every night on that 4 weeks tour, holy shit i do not want to be his arms;-)

i liked nic endo.
the french girl at the merchandise was so nice. i just got back from paris, so it was cool to talk to a french person.
anyways i made a video to share the concert with you guys

Donnerstag, 22. Oktober 2009

What A Girl Wants

Let's start the documentary of triviality.
I was in France for 4 days.
I bought a new parfum.
The classical Chanel No. 5.
I thought it might be a good memory of Paris when i'm back home.

Documentary Of My Life!

Finally i've bought myself a new camera. looking forward to take pictures of everything around me!

Donnerstag, 15. Oktober 2009

Country arrhhh i love you!

Emit Bloch is one of a kind. His lyrics are poetry. He glows on stage and his outfits are so redicoulous, that it's already cool again! 

check out this song:

Dance around California Tour Part 2

Lisa Superfreak, Melanie the Dancingsnake and Suzie Suspect did Part 2 of "The Dance around California" Tour.
We arrived in San Francisco to do a dance at Sycomore Street. Dan is the King of Dance, and Neil broke the walls with his moves!
Keep on rollin WildThing.

Dancing around California Part 2

Suzie Suspect|MySpace Videos

Dance around California Tour 2009

This is Part One of the "Dance around California" Tour 2009 with
Lisa Superfreak, Melanie the Dancingsnake and Suzie Suspect!
We arrived in North Hollywood to dance deep holes in the livingroom at Pete's and Mike's!
These hippsters from North Hollywood blow out the craziest dancing moves ever.
So, dancing to Pet Shop Boys and moving like a Maniac, unbeatable!
This first part of our "Dancing around California" tour was so inspiring, that we couldn't stop dancing at all.
Thank you Digga's!

Dancing around California Part 1

Suzie Suspect|MySpace Videos

Mittwoch, 14. Oktober 2009

Nothing last forever

but i'll always love traveling.

San Francisco is one of the best city's i've ever been.
I saw this cool street between Valencia and Mission,
it's filled with awesome Graffiti.

Dienstag, 13. Oktober 2009

Can You Hear Your Closet?

What happens if Fashion and Art is getting together.The SHOWstudio, the Designer Gareth Pugh and the Photographer Nick Knight showed for the Autumn/Winter Collection 09/10 how impressive and dark fashion can be.

Black Dessert Filled With Meaningless Crap

Black Dessert Filled With Meaningless Crap
My first post is about the breaking up with my boyfriend.
So, I'm feeling like someone cut half of my body and took it away.

No, seriously it's not a happy time at all of course.
And listing to music about love and beeing lonley helps.
So, here is my very personal little
"Chart of Depression"

Turner- You Love Sorrow  

Nick Cave & Warren Ellis - Falling  

Rupa & The April Fishes - Wishful Thinking  

The Cardigans - Communication

Pulp - There's no Emotion
Tomte - Es ist so das du fehlst
Neurosis - Empty

Wintergarten - Im Woid
Sex Pistols - Lonley Boy
Vast - Pretty When you Cry

Selig - Ohne Dich

The Bishops - You Leave Me Today
Soko - It's Raining Outside

Rachel Mayfield - Let Go