Sonntag, 7. Februar 2010

Exorcism - is Satan in my pair of black Jeans?

The Exorcism of... a short film by AntiSweden
Music: "Jewled Turtle" by GUAPO

Advertisement for Anti-Schweden
Music: Sunn O)))- O)))BOW1", mixed by Masami Akita / Merzbow
Art Direction: Anti ved Kjetil Wold / Fredrik Melby
Directions: Martin og Jakob / Marius Tharaldsen
Animation: Storm Studio / Martin Engh & Jakob Thommesen
Clip: Motionblur

How much black is in a dark pair of Jeans? Ask Anti-Sweden.
This Norwegian based Label shows a new look for Black Metal. Black is not black, if black is a color, so Anti-Schweden put their effort in the darkness of nature and music.

The doom Project Sunn O))) created the wall of sound for this Ad. This Advertisement is minimal, but the Jeans becomes a mystical, scary piece of cloth.
Transformation into emotion, but not happiness and Sunshine, DARKNESS and FEAR is the world of Anti-Schweden.

I am blown away by this label. I though i must be the only freak who likes doom, metal and weird dark music in perfection with fashion.

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  1. oh. darkness. but fear? ;) however ... a great short film. reminds me of this video.