Donnerstag, 11. Februar 2010

Alexander Mc Queen died

The fashion-world lost one of his most talented and creative designers and personalities.
Alexander Mc Queens is dead.
He loved to polarize, to shock and the drama.
Weirdness, darkness, sience-fiction, nature and an architectural spirtit,
the dark side of life, the evil part in every persons character and the romance of love and death was in every collection he made.

I'm sure the fashionsblogs are full of retrospective about his designings.
I want to show another piece of his work.
He was the director for two beautiful Björk videos.
He created the piercing - dress for björk in the Pagan Peotry clip.
By the way, such a beautiful song.
He also did stuff for Lady Gaga. the Bad Romance video is full of his masterpieces.

One again, greetings to the afterworld and Alex, say hello to Eric Rohmer, you both could get along pretty well i guess. waiting for a new project in the near future. let me know.

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